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Academic training sites: what are the concessions they make in exchange for receiving high school maths (matematyka liceum) lessons?

Any program, service or merchandise That is offered online is covered under specific conditions which, directly and indirectly, the customer authorizes when they register or purpose to them.

Although it is a site for academic purposes, it works and serves as a maths primary school (matematyka szkoła podstawowa), For the preparation, training, and learning of the chair. However, after all this, there is a creator, licensed from the web To perform this business.

Canceling a service; make certain that you’ve got the licenses your country requests; while complying with regulations. In the case of Matematyka NaTak, It’s handled by Robert Cichowicz, totalitarian proprietor of the company affiliated with the Central Registry and Business Information of Poland.

In that way, the site Is authorized to function as a preparatory service for high school maths (matematyka liceum), even though the plans and obligations remain with the customer, since it’s an educational training website, it has to also be subject to the academic standards of that nation. Thus, to detect scams, before granting the permits for this website to become operational, it needed to get a review of its own methods, a review of the agenda it handles and the professional degree of the teachers.

All of the above is part of the Requirements the website must comply with, in this circumstance, the school. Likewise, it’s the responsibility of the customers to take their part when they buy a strategy, even the most basic one which concludes with a maths examination (matura matematyka).

The responsibilities of this Visitor, because way, are to supply reliable personal information, which can be processed for purposes within the scope and in accordance with the privacy policies that are internationally known by website programmers.

Finally, it is also agreed that the customer agrees to receive emails with promotions, and corresponding information and rivalry, constantly leaving out spam or spam.

February 11, 2019

Leverage Edu tutors are there to serve and help the student

The Indian society has been characterized in recent years for hosting many technological developments and has become a producer of professionals in the area, these same young people are eager to expand their professional horizons either training or working outside the country, technological training and capabilities of the Indians is very appreciated by universities and foreign companies, what did not exist was a way to link both worlds, universities and companies were on the one hand and young people who wanted to study and work were on the other, Leverage Edu was devised with the intention to create a connection between them to facilitate contact and exchange of information, the page is developed in order to provide the student with adequate and timely information to fully understand the offers, careers and study possibilities both in India and in abroad, as a simple tool to use and that connects the user c on what universities offer in terms of career, university extension, training programs, languages, access, etc.

To connect students and universities Leverage Edu uses the collaboration of mentors within the same universities or professionals, who have already studied in them in order to share experiences, clarify concerns and guide the student in each of the steps to follow to apply and be admitted to the university to which he aspires. The leverage service includes mentoring in conducting trials and for interviews; the tutoring hours go beyond what any other website can offer. The percentage of acceptance of students advised by Leverage Edu are quite high and the performance of these students once in the race is quite satisfactory, the effort of training of mentors exceeds the expectations of students and families. The percentage of satisfaction with the service provided is almost total and both students and families and guardians appreciate the opportunity.

January 17, 2019