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February 16, 2019

Peter Cedeno, the lawyer accused of committing sexual abuse to a client

On June 3, AtesaPacelli attained out to Peter Cedeno, a lawyer in the zone of New You are able to City, in order to represent her in her breakup from her highly poisonous and harassing husband, Anthony Pacelli. Everything was good so far until things obtained really awkward when Cedeno started hitting on his client, consistently flirting with her as well as throwing compliments at the girl every time that he saw the opportunity to do so. All of this ended up within him influencing her and utilizing the fragile and affected state of mind that she was directly into in order to pressure her to possess sex with him. However that the test is going on, lots of people are going towards Pacelli, the target, as if she was the main one to blame in this case. This is really unhappy, because it shows a reality that many women have to go through nowadays, which is fighting for their rights while some group of ignorant people keep saying that there isn’t any injustices nowadays which everyone previously has got the same rights and privileges, which is absolutely not accurate, because if it absolutely was true, right now there wouldn’t be a lot of cases such as this, where the a single being judged is the lady that obtained raped instead of the gentleman who raped the girl.

Society nowadays is so all messed up that they issue the person who obtained assaulted as well as damaged instead of the person who triggered that attack and that damage, thus wanting to transfer the particular guilt from person to another. In Pacelli’s situation, people disregard the fact that your woman was being manipulated in order for the woman’s to do something that Cedeno would let her know, and they rather just attack Pacelli, insulting the girl and phoning her any liar or even a drama queen, amongst other dislikeable things. Individuals don’t seem to understand that this NYC Family Lawyer has to pay for what he has carried out order to maintain him from hurting other people.

All of this being said, you can check out in order to examine everything relating to this shocking divorce lawyer circumstance.

February 14, 2019

Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer of Chapo Guzmán, was warned by the judge

The trial of Joaquín Guzmán aka El Chapo is cataloged as the Judgment of this Century. That can be attributed to the fact that for several years, the inmate today was the most desired man from the FBI, Interpol and most of the authorities and security entities of the states where the drug trafficker and members of the Sinaloa Cartel were working which was led by the accused in that trial.Thus, in the month of November 2018, after having been frozen the very first date, eventually began the judicial prosecution of Chapo Guzman, who’d be defended by Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer that in a brief time caused great uproar both in the court and in most areas of the world. This is only because Jeffrey Lichtman controvery, in his first defense intervention,” pointed out that Ismael Zambada was the legitimate leader of the cartel, and therefore the only responsible for the charges to that his client was exposed, to whom he declared as innocent.

On the other hand, the controversy arose when Jeffrey Lichtman reported that El Mayo, since it is nicknamed Zambada, pays several million dollars to the present president of Mexico and even before so they don’t block the actions of their organization. This wayhe requested the judge to open his mind and start to understand the legitimate operation of the authorities of some nations, which aren’t exempt from monetary bribes.

In view of the national prosecutors requested Brian Cogan, a judge in control of the management of the trial of Joaquín Guzmán, that the statements issued by his defense be dismissed because they were improper and unacceptable arguments, with hasty defenses. On the other hand, the judge only issued a warning, where he suggested his defense is far from the immediate and circumstantial evidence, so he would give guidelines to the jurors to concentrate on the evidence.To read more about those shocking statements and follow every one of the specifics of this famous trial, it is advised to enter the following website

February 6, 2019