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What Is Anubias?

Anubias is a genus of the aquatic plant which falls in the araceae family. Many of the Anubias Pangolino plant varieties are prevalent in the western part of Africa as well as its central part. The semi aquatic flowering plant predominantly grows in many rivers as well as streams that is why it flourishes in an aquatic environment whether submerged or immersed in water.
The history of the different species of the Anubias plant dates back to the 1857. During those days, people were unaware of the different species of this plant, but as time went by, they became knowledgeable about the matter. As per now more than eight, Anubis species are recognisable. Adding to the fact that one of the eight species of the plant known as the Anubias Barteri has other five division, more people are becoming aware of this plant.

Know More About Anubias Nana Here.

Anubias nana is one of the smallest variety of the Anubias Barteri species that grows to a height of around 2- 6 inches tall. Its leaves are that thick measuring 6 cm long and over 1 inch across. Just as in other leaves, which are green in colour, Anubias nana underground is lighter compared to its upper parts. Moreover, with the diagonal lines running from the centre to the vein of the outer edge of this bright green oval leaves, they make it so indestructible.
Aquatic animal cannot easily eat the Anubias Pinto White aquarium plant, and the one thing that makes the Anubias nana leaves unique is the fact that its leaves can last for years and it easily, however, provide shade, breading grounds, and hiding places for several aquatic animals. Just as other plants do flower so does the Anubis nana. It might sound that trickery, but the plant variety has the capability of doing so even when immersed or submerged in water. Its hardness nature makes it a perfect one for use in aquariums as well as paludariums.
Growth And Propagation of Aquatic Plant.

Most people find the Anubias aquarium plants plant to be actually slow growers. However, there are different varieties of its species that defies the latter odds. You will realise that the nana aquatic plant is no exception and at times it may takes close than a month for a single leaf to grow. Well-developed rhizomes from the plant can be cut and be divided in dormant buds. If you have no time to do the latter, you can as well place the entire rhizome in water and divide it later in a situation where small plantlets have emerged.

Is The Anubis Nana Plant A Perfect Fit For Your Aquarium?
The Anabis nana plant is a perfect fit for any aquarium as the plant. It is one of the hardy plants, which can grow to heights of up to 8 inches. Moreover, its variable foliage, it growing perfectly from cuttings, makes it one of a kind plant. The great news is that you can order for the diverse varieties of the Anubis Nana plant online with some doing well in high as well as moderate lighting.

July 3, 2019